Boom Home Offer was founded for two simple reasons: first, selling a home in the United States has become unimaginably messy and inconvenient. Many people in insecure situations often times don’t even consider selling their home because of the headache it brings to mind. Dodgy agents, 30-page unintelligible contracts, extended time frames — most folks know the drill. We set out with the mission to flip that industry paradigm completely on its head.

The second reason we created this company is to provide assistance for those struggling to stay financially afloat. Each day, more and more Americans are falling behind on credit card debt, medical bills, student loans, and more. Even more are impacted by unexpected expenses of roof damage, water damage, fire, and mounting general upkeep costs.

Leveraging the value of a home is one of the most powerful financial instruments to tackle these obstacles and get a second chance. Boom Home Offer has worked with clients ranging from wide backgrounds and for numerous reasons. No matter your reason for selling, we’ll help you get the fastest, fairest deal on the market.

Meet the Team

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Aleks Grigoriev, President

Aleks has been in the real estate business for the last 6 years as a realtor for Keller Williams, as an investor, a developer, and a fixer and flipper. Aleks has 100+ transactions under his belt across California and Nevada. Before diving into Real Estate, Aleks studied International Business at the University of Colorado. Understanding the importance of relationships, development, and service, and after years of experiencing the traditional sales process of Real Estate, Aleks decided to create an easier solution for homeowners to sell their home and benefit on the return. His vision is to cut out the middleman, fees, and extensive closing times.

Noah Delena head of acquisitions

Noah Delena, COO

Noah has been in the real estate and mortgage industry as a sales and team manager for the past 5 years. Noah and his team have closed over 400 transactions in his short yet illustrious tenure in the industry. Noah was born and raised in Los Angeles but has lived in 6 states and studied Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His experiences living in many different places have given him a well-rounded perspective that has been instrumental in helping him navigate the mortgage and real estate industry in so many places across the nation.
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Amber Williams, Finance and Development

Amber graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Management. She specializes in strategy and development. Prior to joining the team, Amber has run large R&D projects and marketing campaigns for brands such as NFL, PayPal, Westfield Mall, and the Los Angeles Rams. Whether she is streamlining company operations, running campaigns, or delivering research, Amber is the glue that holds Boom Home Offer.

Also pictured is Gorbi, our Boom Home Offer Mascot

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Dillon DuBois, Marketing

As an experienced and accomplished product marketing professional, Dillon’s expertise revolves around brand storytelling. He’s an adept researcher able to gain insights into customer needs, and skilled in developing campaigns to position products as go-to solutions. He’s worked in the real estate and short-term rental space for several years helping hosts and property managers maximize revenue by leveraging data-driven tools. As a founding member of Boom Home Offer, Dillon spearheaded the launch of the company’s brand, mission, and online presence. He’s passionate about providing quick, fair solutions to homeowners looking to skirt the complications of a traditional home sale. 

David Margolis, Acquisition Manager

David has studied communication and sales through various careers until he decided to step into the real estate industry by way of mortgages for the past two years. David enjoys spending time with his American Bulldog “Mia” and traveling the country to find the perfect home and city to have a family in. David takes pride in helping find solutions for his clients problems and providing service at any time of the day.

Michael Smalls, Acquisition Manager

Michael utilizes his background in home development and construction with his passion for helping others to provide a smooth and stress free solution for clients and prospective clients. Originally from Georgia, Prior to joining Boom, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from University of Nevada Las Vegas, and served as a design specialist in home development and exterior construction projects throughout the valley and southern United States region. Michael brings a genuine energy and a warming “southern hospitality” edge to the team, serving clients in multiple capacities.

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Andre Higuita, Social Media and Design

Andre is an experienced social media professional who has been invaluable to the founding and growth of Boom Home Offer. Coming from a long background of social media, design, and community management, Andre has established herself as a powerful X factor for brands looking to expand their digital footprint. Originally hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Andre now brings her wealth of knowledge to real estate landscapes of Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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Fraser Gillies, Content and Research

Fraser is a contributing writer to Boom Content. He’s a real estate nerd from the UK and has written extensively about the role of digital PR in the real estate industry. Fraser can be reached on LinkedIn here.

Sam MacDonald, Acquisition Manager

Sam began on his path into the real estate industry while majoring in Financial Analysis at California State University Northridge. After completing his degree in 2019, he landed his first job with Transwestern managing high rise commercial office space. After working at multiple locations and two positions with Transwestern, he made the jump to Residential in 2021 with Boom Home Offer. With a passion for business, travel, community and culture Sam found a strong connection working hands on with clients to fit their home selling nee

Mitch Hoag, Acquisition Manager

With over 10 years in the Luxury Hospitality industry, Mitch will go above and beyond in providing clients with exceptional service and make sure to execute a flawless home selling experience. His passion for real estate, and desire to help others obtain the home of their dreams is what led him into this industry. He has a keen eye for detail and hard working demeanor, Mitch will ensure that nothing throughout the process goes unnoticed!

Gal Tshnieder, Acquisition Manager

Gal Studied business communications at the university of Colorado at Boulder before moving to New York City to pursue a career as an office space sales specialist. He honed his real estate skills for several years in this position. Recently Gal made the move to boom in search of a career in helping every day people in their real estate endeavors.


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