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How to Sell Your Home During Coronavirus

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As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to compel social distancing and remote working, people looking to sell their homes find themselves at an unprecedented crossroads. 

While society self-isolates and face-to-face interactions are not an option, it seems like selling a house in the time of the COVID-19 virus would be a futile venture. This, therefore, begs the question: 


Should you sell your house during coronavirus? 

Well, selling property isn’t just a desire, but also a necessity for some people right now. An insurmountable mortgage coupled with job insecurity makes homeownership financially un-feasible. If one or more members of your household have been unemployed or furloughed during COVID-19, the prospect of paying utility bills and home insurance on top of your homeowner loans is a burden that’s not worth bearing. 

How can you sell your house, however, if there are no realtors or buyers to purchase your house? Luckily, there are reliable businesses that will buy your house in any state for fast cash. 

So, for those of you who believe the housing market is stagnant, or that keeping your property and riding out the coronavirus is the safest option, here are some key indicators why you should sell your house during coronavirus. 


Selling for Fast Cash during Coronavirus Is Quick, Easy, and Guaranteed

Selling your home now through a qualified quick-sell company is the best way to guarantee your home is sold during the coronavirus, and in a timely manner. 

For one, homes that are sold for fast cash avoid some of the fees typically associated with selling property. Agent fees, home maintenance costs and home insurance for the waiting period before the property is sold are all bypassed with a fast-cash sale. This also means you take home all the money from the sale. 

Furthermore, home sales with an experienced quick-sell agency let you do exactly what they say on the tin — sell your home quickly. Believe it or not, the average timeframe for completing a property sale with a realtor is 2-3 months, whereas some quick-sell agencies can make an offer within 24 hours of giving the property address and brief description. 

Realtors and auctioneers may be less-equipped to sell homes because of the coronavirus, but agencies who buy homes for fast cash are well placed to give you a great deal on your property. 


Mortgage Rates Are at All-Time Lows

The economic fallout of coronavirus might be detrimental to some, but not so much for those looking to buy property. 

Mortgage provider Fannie Mac announced that 30-year and 15-year fixed mortgage rates had fallen significantly in the wake of coronavirus — with the 30-year loan falling to an all-time low of 3.15%. 

As an expansionary monetary measure to offset reduced borrowing by the federal reserve, the mortgage market has subsequently seen an 8% uptick in borrowed monies. 

What does this mean for home sellers?

More prospective buyers. 

With more people looking to purchase a house, this means a higher demand for property, making a home sale during the coronavirus a smart move. 

Be aware, however, though the real estate market’s prices are sticky, its interest rates are not. To mitigate shifts in interest rates and see a reduction in potential buyers, be sure to consult a top class home-buying agency who will buy your house fast for cash.


Home Sales Are Rising during Coronavirus

Like most other industries, the real estate market was expected to suffer heavily as a consequence of social distancing restrictions. Yet, recently, there’s actually been a significant resurgence in the real estate trade.

In certain areas of the US like Tampa, Florida, Houston and Salt Lake City Utah, the housing market is showing big increases in the number of listings under contract. Washington D.C, for example, has been a model state for real estate revival, seeing the number of home sale contracts rise by 150% — twice the amount that existed pre-coronavirus. 

Online real estate databases like Zillow are becoming a hive of real estate activity once more, with a 24% growth in traffic coming through its digital ads. Consequently, the average number of days to sell property is dropping on an almost daily basis.

All of the above is a clear indicator that selling your home during coronavirus is not only possible, but perhaps easier than in the housing market pre-pandemic.  However, selling a home during a pandemic can still be stressful. To avoid hidden fees, and an absence of home-sale guarantees, choose a professional quick-selling agency who will buy your home in any condition for a great price.


Sell Your Home Now and Avoid Missing Out on Eager Investors

If you’re worried about the effects of the coronavirus on the likelihood of selling your home, the signs are in fact quite positive. 

It’s perfectly natural to think that the real estate market is dead-in-the-water given government advice to avoid human contact where possible. While this might be the case for people trying to sell their homes via a realtor or housing auction, this is not the case with quick-selling agencies. They guarantee the purchase of your property in the fastest way possible, with minimal paperwork and no hidden costs. 

So, if you’re still asking yourself ‘should I sell my home during coronavirus’, take note of the current favorable mortgage interest rates and the rising number of home buyers. If you’re still unsure whether or not this is the right time to sell your home, consult a professional home-buying agency and check out how much you could actually make on your property. 

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